How Jack Rochel uses Facebook for Business


Nowadays, Facebook is a must-have for businesses. It has millions of users who are on the social media platform on a daily basis. Whether it be on their computer or their cell phone. Jack Rochel sees Facebook as a business tool and thinks that all business-owners should take advantage of the services they offer.

Facebook Insights

This is Jack Rochel’s favourite benefit of Facebook for business usage. Facebook Insights is a analytic tool provided once you hit 30 likes. Facebook insights can be used to gather information regarding demographics, page likes, post reach and engagement from your customers. Analyzing this data can help you understand the best time to post your content and what type of content is the most popular to your followers.

Brand Awareness

Jack Rochel believes using Facebook can increase brand awareness for your business. Facebook gives businesses the opportunity to expose their brand to a massive pool of people. All these users are potential customers. You can even use Facebook features to target people by their age, location or interests for example.


If you want to rank high on google, Jack Rochel knows that social media can be helpful. Social media profiles often rank high in search engine results. Also, linking social profiles back to a business website may have an impact on search engine ranking. Having links to your website on social media can be considered a credible backlink, which influences ranking on search engines.

Building Customer Relationships

Facebook allows businesses to interact with their customers and give their brand a personality. A  business can engage with their customers by replying to their comments made on posts or pictures. This makes the customer feel important. The  business can also interact with customers via the messaging system. Replying to messages in your inbox is more personal than an automated email.