About Jack Rochel

Jack Rochel has been the president at Epsilon Electronics Inc. for over a decade. He has always been the type of person that likes to keep to himself and does not like being in the public eye even if what is being said about him or Epsilon is all positive.

Jack Rochel grew up in the suburbs in Los Angeles and has always lived in the area. His goal growing up as a young boy is to be president of a company one day. Jack always had a natural skill of figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of his peers and knew who would be good at a certain task compared to the other. When Jack Rochel was in university, he would often be the group leader dividing up the tasks needed to complete the assignment. Since Jack knew who was better at a certain thing, he would assign that task to them in order to get the best possible grades in these projects.

After Jack Rochel graduated from university, he started working at different companies as a manager. Because of his ability to divide the task and assign it to the right people. the performance level in his division was often the highest. It did not take Jack a very long time to get to more senior level positions. He was highly motivated and put in a lot of time to get to know his staff professionally.

Soon thereafter, Jack Rochel began working at Epsilon Electronics Inc. in the early 2000s. Epsilon Electronics Inc. is a tech company which produces audio and videp products for the automotive industry. They are an umbrella corporation with five brands under their portfolio. Located in Montebello California, they are one of the first U.S. based manufacturer to sell video products to the global market in 1996.

It is clear Jack Rochel is very good at his job since he still works there today. Not anyone has what it takes to run a company let alone one which requires constant innovation. Their largest expense is their in-house research and development team. Their job is to constantly push the envelop in order to remain competitive and be an industry leader in their sector. Jack Rochel knows the decision to employ an in-house R&D team is key to their success since their products always tend to be very popular with the public. Epsilon Electronics Inc. have even won many industry prizes due to their great products. It is evident with Jack Rochel leading the company, Epsilon Electronics Inc. is in good hands.

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